About Us

The 1000 Islands Writers Festival was established in 2015 as the Gananoque Literary Festival and was renamed in 2017 as it evolved to encompass the wider 1000 Island region.

The festival is a celebration of books, the literary arts and the creative process that aims to foster the discovery and enjoyment of reading and writing by bringing leading Canadian authors and their audiences together in relaxed and intimate conversational settings. The festival offers unique experiences including popular living room sessions, panel discussions, workshops, meal engagements, sessions for seniors living in assisted care, and community celebration events. We strive to nurture the next generation of writers, illustrators, and other roles in the publishing industry by supporting author and illustrator visits with students, and through youth workshops and competitions.



The 1000 Islands Writers Festival brings together leading Canadian writers and their audiences in picturesque riverside settings to explore and be inspired by the literary world.



Our vision is to be a unique and highly recognized celebration of the power of words and stories in the 1000 Islands region. Readers and writers will be entertained by vibrant performances and inspired through intimate conversations, shared ideas, and profound experiences that will spark the creative spirit.

We will be respected as a valuable contributor to the arts community in Ontario. We will be seen as a body that supports and encourages established and emerging writers by providing relaxed settings where they can engage their readers while nurturing the development of new audiences.

We will be valued for multigenerational mentorship and the facilitation of life-long learning in the arts through exposure to renowned writers and illustrators. We will celebrate the creativity of youth, adults and seniors in the community through writing workshops and opportunities for public engagement.