Lindsay Anderson & Dana Vanveller

authorsTwo friends. Five months. One car. Ten provinces. Three territories. Seven islands. Eight ferries. Two flights. One 48-hour train ride. And only one call to CAA. The result: over 100 incredible Canadian recipes from coast to coast and the Great White North.

Originally hailing from Northern B.C. and Southern Ontario respectively, LINDSAY ANDERSON and DANA VANVELLER first met around an Okanagan campfire in 2011. They became fast friends, and decided, also around a campfire, that the summer of 2013 might be the right time for an adventure. The plan for FEAST was born: a road trip across the entire country to experience and write about Canada’s food, culture, and wealth of compelling characters.

Avid cooks, writers, and photographers, this 37,000 kilometre storytelling project allowed them to highlight Canada’s vibrant and varied food culture. Via their award-winning blog, and now in FEAST: Recipes and Stories from a Canadian Road Trip,  Lindsay and Dana have brought together stories, photographs and recipes from across Canada.

In a road map of their journey, FEAST features Lindsay and Dana’s reflections from travelling through each of Canada’s ten provinces and three territories, and highlights the people and places that defined their culinary adventure. From Nunavut to Newfoundland, Lindsay and Dana offer a unique view of Canada through the lens of food.

Website: Feast an edible road trip

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