Susan W. Smith (Susie)

authorSusan studies and writes history about the Thousand Islands in the upper St. Lawrence River.  Her book, The First Summer People: Thousand Islands 1650-1910, was published in 1993 with a second edition published in 2015.

Since 2008 she is the Editor of  an online magazine with more than 300 authors and 1000+ articles online 24/7.

Susan and her husband, Marceli Wein, live on an island in the Admiralty Islands near Gananoque in the Canadian Sector.  She is currently on the board of the Arthur Child Heritage Museum in Gananoque.  One of her proudest moments was being recognized as 2011 Keeper of the Islands by the Chamber of Commerce in Gananoque.

“When I first saw the charts of the St. Lawrence River I asked who would name an island Deathdealer or Bloodletter?  Why did the International border zig and zag its way through the Islands? Then I asked, who fought in the battles and most of all who were the first summer people?  Now I know many of the answers and love to share these stories.”